Why Black Seed Oil Is More Effective Than Chemical Drugs

Our top recommended herbal treatment for overall good health is black seed oil. There are very few issues that black cumin seed cannot help the body overcome. Black cumin seed has been used for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt. The seeds and oil have also been used by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years to fight disease and help heal the body. Today, black cumin seed benefits are backed by hundreds of scientific, peer-reviewed articles that confirm the claims made by early prophets regarding this tiny seed and its incredibly potent anti-microbial properties.

The modern medicine approach to fighting infection and illness can be boiled down to three types of drugs: antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal. The problem with these drugs is that they will kill good bacteria in the body before bad bacteria, weakening our immune system. While eventually they rid the body of the attacking bacterial, virus, or fungal infection, they leave the immune system weakened. This is purposeful on the part of drug companies because they profit from a sick population, not a healthy one. In the days when ancient medical practitioners were in practice, they were paid with a portion of the community’s earnings while the people were healthy. When someone was sick, they were treated by their village healer for free. So you see this incentivized them far more to keep a healthy population.

In addition to the undesirable side effects, antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal drugs must be prescribed separately because they will react together chemically in ways that will damage the body. This is a major issue, because in the body, such infections don’t come alone. They almost ALWAYS come as co-infections. This is why people oftentimes have to be on multiple rounds of antibiotic treatment, because the antibiotic will only kill about 40% of the infection, while the remaining infection is viral, fungal, or both, and remains unaffected by the antibiotic. Oftentimes, residual infection is never fully cleared from our body with these drugs. Once again, this is something that drug companies profit from. 

In contrast, black seed oil has no undesirable side effects. It will not attack the essential bacteria in the body, and it is a 3 in one antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal antidote! This means that it will clear ALL the infection from the body, without leaving the immune system weakened. Check out the over 100 benefits of black seed oil for fighting nearly every imaginable ailment.