Natural Detox

There are many ways our bodies use to get rid of toxins and waste. The following are some natural mechanisms our body uses to detox, along with suggestions for maintaining these health systems.

1 - Breathing

  •  This mechanism allows our body to release the toxicity of carbon dioxide (Co2). The body takes between 12-25 breath cycles per minute. If you have a tendency to hold your breath, or breathe shallowly, you are not getting enough oxygen to your cells and blood stream. This causes the poison of carbon dioxide to stay longer in your lungs. Every present moment is a good opportunity to take a deep breath. Spend some time with your breath, visualizing the air flowing through your whole body, out to the tips of your fingers and toes. Then, release the breath in a long exhale, allowing the whole body to relax and revitalize.

2 - Tongue

  • Perhaps to your surprise, the tongue is the main organ our bodies uses to get rid of poison--bad bacteria and other elements. The coloration of your tongue is a sharp indicator for all of this activity. Ever wonder why doctors tell you to stick out your tongue and say "Ahh"? A healthy tongue is pink in color. If your tongue color is white, yellow, orange, red, black, purple, gray, green or blue, you may have an underlying health condition, and should see a medical professional. The best way to help your tongue get rid of toxins is by fasting at least one day a week. By refraining from putting more toxins in your body for a day, you are allowing your body to release what is already stored. This should allow you to see the color of tongue change to a healthier shade of pink and even smell the bad bacteria being released through your mouth.

3 - Urination

  • The urinary function is the most important function in balancing the liquids in our bodies. Urinating releases the toxins from our body after our natural kidney dialysis is combined with the excessive water in our bodies to create the main stream of urine. The coloration of urine that indicates optimal health is a pale, yellowish color. Darker shades typically indicate a need to drink more water, but also may be signs of other underlying health conditions. A healthy body typically urinates 4-7 times in 24 hour period. Any less or more than that is a sign of irregularity in your body's functions. We recommend having them checked with labs to examine things like sugar and protein levels.

4 - Bowel movements

  • Bowel movements are how our body gets rid of heavy solid toxins and non-digested, absorbed food waste. The color and hardness/softness of your stool another major indicator of health and sickness. A good rule of thumb is--if it's uncomfortable, something's probably not right. A normal count of bowel movements is between 1-4 in a 24 hour period. Any less or more than that is a sign of irregularity caused by sickness in the body.

5 - Sweating

  • You may have heard that the skin is the largest organ of the body. This is why sweating is such an important and intelligent way for the body to get rid of excessive toxins from all over the body. You probably know that the taste of sweat tends to be salty. This is because the act of sweating releases the unused salts from the body. A healthy detox cycle requires the body to sweat at least one time in 24 hour period. One of the many incredible benefits of a healthy exercise routine!

6 - Sneezing

  • Sneezing is the body's natural way of getting rid of excess mucus and bad bacteria. There is no daily requirement for sneezing, but if you feel an urge to sneeze, please don’t hold it in. It's a very harmful action to your body to hold in your sneeze.

7 - Tears

  • Tears are the most important detox mechanism related to our emotional status. When we are tired, upset, or sick, the body will release excessive salts and liquids through tears. These excess toxins contribute to our feeling unwell, so it is important to allow them to be released if the body has an urge to cry.

8 - Wax

  • Another important way to get rid of the high viscosity in our bodies is through the wax in our ears canals. It is not recommended to use Q-tips to collect wax from the ears, as they are more likely to push the wax deeper into the canal. Rather, you should rinse your ears with a softening solution every 2-4 weeks. 

9 - Hair

  • Excessive metal elements in the body will be pushed out through the hair.

10 - Nails

  • Certain unwanted elements will be directed out of the body through the fingernails and toenails.